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This book contents theory, ancient yoga practices, postures, corrections, benefits of yoga, pranayama, limitations, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, mantras etc. also this book describes how to stimulate internal organs and how to improve the functioning of glands and endocrine systems, nervous system ,muscular system,
respiratory system, cardio vascular system, digestive system etc.

"Amazing Tricks to Keep Yourself Healthy."
- HealthMag
Subra Yoga USA


This book explains how yoga helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, keep off weight and improve cardiovascular health etc.
And regular yoga practice creates mental clarity,calmness and sharpen concentration etc.

Subra Yoga - USA - 2

Stress Management For medical doctors, I.T. professionals and Police officers.

This book contains
What is generalized anxiety & stress disorder?
What are the causes and symptoms?
What are the physical signs etc.
And this book helps to prevent and manage stress through mindfulness techniques, pranayama ( deep breathing and left nostril breathing) Meditation etc.
Chicago police officers practice left nostril breathing to manage their stress which was taught by Subramanian.

Subra Yoga - USA - 3

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