Yoga is the union of body mind and soul. It’s the practice to attain self-realization.

Regular practice of Yoga, We can say goodbye to Doctors, Medicines and Hospitals. Yoga is the master key to the joy, peace and gift of God.


Benefits of Subra Yoga


YOGA – THE GREATEST MEDICINE: Yoga serves as a tool for overcoming many health issues. It is more powerful when done with Subra's yoga. Several wonders are achieved with this yogic method.

Recovery from Cancer: Cancer is a condition that occurs due to abnormal proliferation or growth of cells. It can be a life-threatening condition for the patients. When many branches of medicine give up the treatment for cancer, yoga can be highly beneficial and can provide a complete cure.

Paper news: Reports from hi India says that a medical doctor who was suffering from a high risk of cancer has now become free from this condition. She is very thankful for Subra's yoga and his yogic methods. She achieved this by practicing 21 yogic techniques for 108 days. She was dedicated to doing yoga for two hours each day consistently



Recovery from Stroke:
Stroke is a condition that occurs due to the interruption in the blood supply to the brain. It can also happen as a result of a blood clot. All three types of stokes, such as hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke, and transient ischemic attack, can be cured by yoga.
A cardiologist, Dr. Shoba Chokkalingam, gives positive and promising feedback on Subra's methodology of yoga curing a wide number of problems in the body. This is more evident in the case of a 54 years old patient who was suffering from a stroke. His insomnia problems also got resolved after proper training with Subra yoga.

Before Yoga: Dougles Yegar (age 54), Due to severe stroke his left hand / leg was not functioned, also he had memory loss and sleeping disorder problems.

After Our Contribution
YOGA, Pranayama, Meditation and Visualization Techniques(Within 27 days ) He got recovered (He can move his left hand / leg) Memory power got increased Sleeping Disorder got solved .

Recovery from Autism and Other Brain Related Disorders:
The brain is considered as a complex organ performing multiple functions in a single minute. If the functioning of the brain gets disturbed, then there could be possibilities for several dysregulations in the functioning of the body. If any such and abnormality happens due to the problem in the brain, Subra yoga can be highly efficient in curing the disorder.
Subra's yoga is indeed the best solution for autism. Subra yoga technique is an internationally certified method that has been used by many people to cure their brain-related problems. Autism has been considered as a condition that does not have any standard and permanent cure. Subra's yoga breaks down this wrong notion.

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